The Maine - “Pioneer”

The Maine seem to change their sound with every album. Can’t Stop Won’t Stop featured clean guitars and spunky pop while Black and White was much more acoustically oriented. Pioneer brings in a classic pop punk sound with crunchy guitars, heavy bass lines, and pounding drum beats. The album brings in the punk right away with its opening track “Identify”. The song features a calm arpeggiated verse with a loud and pounding chorus. The next song, “My Heroine,” is an addicting tune featuring a catchy opening guitar riff and rowdy vocals. The album is defined by these two openers as a spunky pop rock work with lyrical themes tailored to a young boy. It flows on nicely up to “Don’t Give Up On Us,” which brings back a little bit of the CSWS sound, especially in the guitar work. A little more depth from The Maine is shown in the slower tune called “Misery.” It seems that they touch on all aspects of punk pop throughout this album, including it’s sensitive side: along with “Misery,” “Jenny” is another notable ballad that features John O’Callaghan’s vocal abilities over semi-acoustic instrumentation. The final notable track on “Pioneer” is “While Listening to Rock & Roll…” This song contains influences from a more classic rock sound and strays away from the rest of the pop punk on the album, providing for a refreshing ending. Lyrically, “Pioneer” is similar to the rest of The Maine’s albums: songs about a forlorn boy looking for love who can be a little eccentric at times. Although the instrumentation and music style differs from previous works, “Pioneer” still contains the raw energy and fun that makes The Maine, The Maine. 

Rating: 4/5

Key Tracks: “My Heroine” “Jenny” “While Listening to Rock & Roll…”

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